10 Best Places For Photography In Sydney

10 Best Places For Photography In Sydney

Explore 10 Best Places For Photography In Sydney. Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales. Sydney is the most populous city of Australia and because of its magnificent harbor and strategic position, it is one of the most important ports in Southern Pacific. The first sight of Sydney for everyone is always spectacular. It is spread over a vast area that stretches from The Blue Mountains in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the East and Lake Macquarie in the North to the South of Botany Bay. It has a lot of sites for the photography and the experience of photography in Sydney is spectacular. Here are some places that will give you an amazing experience of photography in Sydney.

10 Best Places For Photography In Sydney

1. The State Theater

The State Theater is situated in the Sydney Business District in the city of Sydney local government, area of New South Wales, Australia. It is a heritage-listed theater and was designed by Henry Eli White in the assistance of John Eberson between 1926  to 1929. It has a capacity of 2034 audience and has really eye capturing Italian Gothic Architecture. It is owned by Claude Neon Pty. Ltd. It is an amazing place to capture and will give you a beautiful experience of photography.

2. George Street at The Rocks

A 3km long street situated in Central Business District of Australia. Australia`s 100+ largest companies are located on this street only and this street connects a number of city`s most important buildings. Here The Rocks is the most eye catching part and is really good for capturing moments. The Blue Hour time here is really beautiful and gives you an amazing experience of photography. This street is consist of many hotels, restaurants and shops.

3. Grafitti in Newtown

The Newtown Street art walk is perfect for anyone who wants to check out the new murals in the city. We all just love graffiti and it is awesome to capture also. There is a lot there and you will enjoy wandering there and The King Street is the main street there consist a tons of cool couple spots to shoot. It is one of the most photographed place of Sydney and is really worth exploring.

4. Hyde Park

It is adjacent to the Central Business District of Sydney and is right next to St. Mary`s Cathedral and is a nice little oasis in a busy part of town. Towards one end of the park, there is a large Archibald Fountain, and the ANZAC memorial at the other end and in between are beautiful tree-lined pathways. It is an urban park of 40 acres and is the oldest parkland in the Australia. It is a beautiful park and consist of beautiful nature. The nature`s photography is a must for this park.

5. St.Mary`s Cathedral

St. Mary`s Cathedral has the greatest length of any church in Australia which is located on the College street near the eastern border of the Sydney Central Business District. It was founded on 21 October 1821 and was opened in 1838 with the height of 75m. It is a beautiful place to capture with a spectacular view. It was designed by the architects named as William Wardell and Augustus Pugin with the Gothic Revival architecture. But the photography of the interior is prohibited you can capture it from outside only.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens

With the area of 74acres this garden is located at Farm Cove on the eastern fringe of Sydney Central Business District. It was founded by the Lachian Macquarie and created in 1816. This garden has beautiful flowers, filled with exotic trees and fascinating wildlife. It is a heritage site filled with beautiful nature which gives you an amazing experience of photography with beautiful views. It also has a great view of skyline.

7. Circular Quay

Central Quay is located in Sydney Central Business District, in the city of Sydney, New South Wales. It is a harbor, former working port and now international passenger shipping terminal, public plaza, tourism spot, heritage-site and transport node. It is part of Port Jackson and is known for Sydney New Year`s Eve. The views of skyline from here is quite beautiful and it is a beautiful place in Sydney to capture. It is pretty busy all around as a lot of people came here to enjoy.

8. The Harbor Bridge

The 1,149m long Harbor Bridge is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia which is spanning Sydney Harbor from the central business district to the North Shore. The construction of this bridge was started on 28 July 1923 and was opened on 19 March 1932. The view from this bridge is beautiful because it gives the view of The Opera House which is regarded as iconic is Sydney and gives you the best place for photography. You can capture many beautiful views from this bridge.

Early morning sunrise view of Sydney Harbour Bridge scenery

9. The Sydney Opera House

It was founded on 20 October 1973 and it is a multi-venue performing arts center in Sydney. It is a masterpiece of 20th century architecture and is regarded as the world`s most famous and distinctive buildings located on the foreshore of Sydney Harbor. With the height of 65m, it has a capacity of 5,738 audiences. The interior as well as the exterior of this house is spectacular and is beautiful to capture with a great experience.

10. Central Station

Central Station is cool but its not that much grand like other European Station. It has so many nice angles and beautiful architecture to capture. It is heritage-listed railway station which is located in center of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It has 30 tracks and was opened on 5 August 1906  and designed by the architect Walter Liberty Vernon. Federation Free Classical is its architecture design. It gives you so many things to capture.

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How do we mitigate technical issues during photography?

Photographers should have at least two professional camera bodies, several lenses and a multitude of several accessories specific to your shot. Well-maintained equipment is very reliable these days so there will be chances like no which will interrupt you in photography.