10 Best Places For Photoshoot In New York City

10 Best Places For Photoshoot In New York City

Here, we are with the 10 Best Places for Photoshoot in New York City. New York, often called New York City or NYC is the most populated city of the United States of America. It is a global city and a cultural, financial and high-tech, entertainment with a significant influence on commerce. It is an important center for global diplomacy.

If we discuss about the places that are best for the photography, here are some.

10 Best Places For Photoshoot In New York City

    1.By The Bow Bridge, Central Park

    Bow Bridge in Central Park built in 1862 is one of the most iconic and photographed feature in New York City. This is Victorian-era bridge which spans 60feet across Central Park Lake and connects Cherry Hill and the Ramble. It is the best place for the photography as it is considered to be really very romantic. It offers us a location to stop and enjoy the moment. Many movies are directed on this bridge and was designed by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould.

    Source: Wikipedia

    2.Battery Park City Esplanade

    It is one of the greatest spot for photography in New York city as you can take photos here at any time of the day. The Sun works here well if its not too foggy and is also gives a great view of Statue of Liberty. Most people came here for a walk but it is considered to be one of the best destination for the photography.

    Source: Wikipedia

    3.The Statue of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty was the gift from France to The United States in 1876 on the centenary of American Independence. It was designed by the sculptor Frederic Bartholdi with engineer Gustave Eiffel which stands on an island at the entrance to New York Harbor. The design include the United State Declaration of Independence, which the statue holds in her left hand as well as the broken shackles from which she steps. It is one of the best place for the photography as it attracts an amount of people because of its beauty.

    Source: Times of India

    4.The Channel Gardens, Rockefeller Center

    The Channel Gardens is located on Rockefeller Center, New York City. The installations of The Channel Gardens changes throughout the year. The Halloween display is always magnificent and there is a huge fire tree at Christmas which is considered as one of the best place for photography. It is really beautiful place in the New York City.

    Source: Lifescapes International

    5.The oculus, Church Street

    It is one the best place in New York City for the photography as its aesthetic transportation hub not only welcomes those who visits the World Trade Center but also serves as the strength of New York City after 9/11. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The Oculus resembles a dove leaving a child`s hand. Every year on the anniversary of the attacks, the sun shines directly through the skylight and illuminates the main hall.

    Source: Tripadvisor

    6.Water Street

    The Water Street in the New York City got its name on water because it is right along the water. Exploring Dumbo in NYC is one of the favorite thing to do at any time of the day. Water Street is an ideal spot to take pictures and one of the best place in NYC for photography. From here, we can take the pictures of Brooklyn Bridge as well as the skyline in the background.

    Source: 55 Water

    7.Old Pier 1, Brooklyn

    You can get some spectacular shots of Downtown from The Old Pier 1. You will get a slightly unexpected view of the city because of the rocks and the logs. It is located across the East river from Lower Manhattan and provides a beautiful view of skyline of the NYC. It gives a great visual interest to those who are looking for a unique photo of city`s skyline. When the surface of the pier is pulled-up, hundreds of short stumps jutting a couple of feet out of river were left.

    Source: Flickr

    8.Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue

    The building on 6th Avenue is the home for all the great shows. After the sunset, during the Blue hour, the light goes on, and if it happens to rain, the reflection of the colors is just perfect and the gives the spectacular experience to the photographer. It was opened on 27 December 1932 and is owned by Tishmen Speyer. The architect of this hall was Edward Durell Stone.

    Source: Architectural Digest

    9.Broome Street

    This street is in Lower Manhattan, and is a great destination for brunch as well as the photography followed by some shopping. Many of the stores here have interesting and beautiful exterior  which are perfect for the photography. This street is named after the John Broome, who was an early lieutenant governor of NYC.

    Source: Flickr

    10.West Village

    The West Village is filled with beautiful houses with colored doors. During Halloween, they become even more magical and gives a good vision for photography. It is bounded by the Hudson River in the West and 14th Street to the North. It draws crowd to its designer boutiques and trendy restaurants. It is known for its bohemian atmosphere and vibrant culture and it also played a prominent role in LGBTQ movement.

    Source: New York Times

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    ·      Do photographers need a license for photography in NYC?

    No, you don`t need a license for photography in NYC if you are a tourists, casual photographers and credential members of the media. But if you are asserting the most part of the city, have production vehicles and using weapons, you need a license for that.